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Test your Python and Machine Learning skill with free assessments.

Enroll in our courses to get access to 11 levels of periodic assessments with 550+ MCQs in Python, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Get Exclusive mentor support to improve your skills and prepare for interviews.

Level-1: Data Types, Python Operators, Fuzzy Logics, Loops, Python Functions, Python Lambda

Level-2: Python Classes, Date and Time, List, Dictionary, Tuples, Working with files

Level-3: Numpy, Pandas

Level-4: Imbalanced data, Missing data analysis, Skew Corrections, Correlations, Associations, Feature Importance, Outlier Analysis, Distance data vectors, Variance analysis

Level-5: Creating plots, Analyzing plots

Level-6: Data scaling, Data Normalization, Data Transformation, Feature Selection, Feature Engineering, Feature Extraction, Text Normalization, Regex, Text Preprocessing

Level-7: Part of Speech Tagging, Named Entity Recognition, Vectorizations, Word and Sentence Embedding, Text Similarity, Semantic Similarity

Level-8: Reading Images, Processing Images, Image Filters

Level-9: ML basics, Sklearn, Regression models, Classification models

Level-10: Clustering models, Topic Modeling, Recommendation systems, Time Series Analysis, PCA, Regularization

Level-11: DNN Model Parameters, DNN Model Metrics, Keras and Tensorflow, RNN and LSTM, CNN, BERT

You need to answer 30 questions and all are multiple choices.

The assessment is time bounded and you will have 30 mins (1800 secs) to complete it.

If you can't complete it within 30 mins, the assessment will get timeout and the current score will be recorded and finalized.

You can re-take assessments upto 5 times. Each time the score will be recorded seperately.

You can exit from the assessment before timeout, but the respective assessment data will not be saved.

The current assessment score will be displayed once you answered all the questions.

You can view scores for completed assessments any time.

If you had any toruble in assessments, please contact your advisor or mail to connect@cogxta.com